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Cash Out

CashOut is a function on the website which allows the “Participant” to renounce (close) the bet (drop the bet slip) by receiving a certain amount of money from the “Organizer” and renounce the possible win or loss as a result of the outcome of the placed bet.
CashOut feature is available for single and multiple bets but is unavailable for the bet slips including bets on Virtual games.
It is possible to use the CashOut function in all cases when it is offered by the “Organizer”. After placing a bet in the History section of the “Organizer’s” website, in the history section, the “Participant” can see the CashOut button, if it is available for the given bet slip.
The “Participant” can apply CashOut function before the events take place, as well as while the events are still live.
For the single bets, it is possible to use CashOut function until the outcome of the event is determined, i.e. in this case the Participant is able to use the CashOut feature when there is an incomplete event on the bet slip.
Before pressing on the CashOut button the Participant sees the amount of funds offered by the Organizer, which is transferred to the Participant's Personal gaming account as a result of applying the function.
The amount offered in case of CashOut cannot exceed the winning amount of the given bet slip.
The amount offered by the Organizer via CashOut feature can change, informing the Participants about that on the website.
The bet slip formed by the Participant is considered closed, not taking into consideration the outcome(s) of the included events, except for partial CashOut. In case the Participant doesn't use CashOut or Partial CashOut functions, their bet slip is being considered in the initial terms.
The amount received via using CashOut is immediately transferred to the Participant's Personal gaming account, which can be used in the future to place new bets or withdraw cash.
In case of using the function after determining the outcomes of events included in the bet slip or in case of transferring irrelevant (wrong) funds as a result of CashOut function application, the Organizer has a right to cancel the feature usage. The funds will be taken from the Participant's Personal gaming account, and the placed bet will be calculated according to the available amount and odds prior to their usage (the bet slip is re-opened).
The Participant can see the money flaws in the «History» section of the Personal gaming account.

Partial CashOut

Partial CashOut is offered taking into consideration the special features mentioned in the given point.
Partial CashOut allows the Participant to receive a part of the possible prize leaving the remaining part active, having an opportunity to have a guaranteed prize from the regardless of the final outcome of the bet slip.
The Participant can partially take any part of the CashOut funds, but not less than the minimum amount defined for Single and Multiple bets by the current regulation.
Compared to the simple CashOut, while making a Partial CashOut, the Participant’s bet slip remains active and is considered so until the end of the events incuded in it with the odds offered in the Program for the given events.
Partial CashOut is available in all cases when the Organizer offers CashOut. After placing a bet the Participant can see the CashOut button in the “History” section of the Organizer’s website, after pressing it, the Partial Cashout button also becomes available.
Partial CashOut is displayed as a button in the CashOut feature as a sub-function.
The Participant can see the whole fund flaws in the “History” section of their Personal gaming account.

Auto CashOut

Auto Cashout is another version of CashOut, which is offered taking into consideration the special function mentioned in the current point.
The Participant can use this function after placing a bet on an event outcome.
Auto CashOut feature is the same CashOut feature which is applied automatically in the following way: the Participant marks a limit for CashOut and if the offered amount for the chosen bet slip exceeds the set limit the system automatically does CashOut. The given amount is added to the “Participant’s” Personal gaming account.
It Is possible to use Auto CashOut in all the cases when the Organizer offers CashOut. After placing a bet, the Participant can find the CashOut button in the “History” section of the Organizer’s website. After pressing the button Auto CashOut also becomes available. Auto CashOut is displayed in the CashOut function, as a sub- function. "