General Terms and Conditions

Cedibet may update, amend, edit and supplement the Cedibet Rules at any time. Any substantial amendment to the Cedibet Rules shall be notified in advance by Cedibet to the Account Holder, before coming into effect and will require your consent. If you do not agree with the amendment(s) to the Cedibet rules, you will not be permitted to continue using the Services. All references in the Cedibet Rules to the singular shall include the plural and vice versa. All references to “the” shall include “a/an” and vice versa.


1.1 IMPORTANT: Please read the terms and conditions carefully before accepting this agreement. These terms and conditions are applicable and will be considered as a binding contract upon clicking the “submit” button. Failure to comply with the agreement may result in the suspension/closure of your account and/or forfeiture of funds. If you do not accept the terms, do not use, or visit any part of the website.

1.2 We reserve the right to make changes to these General Terms and Conditions from time to time. The most up to date terms will be available on the website .

1.3 When reference is made to “Cedibet”, “we”, “our”, or “us” , is in relation to

1.4 Reference to “you”, “your”, “individual”, “ account holder ” is reference to any one who is registered on


2.1 An individual applying to be a Cedibet account holder must be 18 years and above. We reserve the right to request for identification documents in the form of a valid identification card, passport or driver’s license. By using our services, you acknowledge that you do not find it to be offensive, unfair, or indecent in anyway .

2.2 An individual applying to become an account holder furthermore must:

  • be a physical person of sound mind and must be capable of taking responsibility for Y our own actions and can enter into legally binding agreements
  • be acting as the principal not on behalf of a third party
  • not be conducting criminal activities whereby a Cedibet Account is directly or indirectly involved
  • not be depositing monies from illegal activities

3.1 Creation of a Cedibet Account

3.1.1 An individual must first register for an account with Cedibet . You can click on the Register link on our website to open an account

3.1.2 To register for an account, an individual is required to choose a unique username and password, date of birth, phone number and email. You shall make sure the details provided are correct and updated. You may be able to change some (but not all) of the details provided during registration.

3.1.3 We reserve the right to reject any customer registration at our sole discretion.


The user is solely responsible for the security of account credentials including but not limited to account name and password. We assume every transaction made through an account is made by the account holder hence Cedibet will not be held reliable for any losses as a result of unauthorized use of account by another person. You can request to us to block your account if you suspect your credentials are known by a third party.


An individual may not hold multiple accounts under different names. We reserve the right to close such accounts should we find out and have firm reasons to believe there is an intention to defraud the company. All transactions made using these accounts will be canceled and winnings forfeited . Any individual that already has more than one account is required to nominate a single account and ask for the closure of the remaining accounts.


6.1 Directors, managers, employees, affiliates or any person involved directly with are not permitted to register for an account or use directly or indirectly our services

6.2 A professional athlete, owner, coach, referee, manager in any sport, event, competition or league Cedibet offers betting on

6.3 A compulsive gambler or anyone registered in any database of excluded players


You will be required to deposit funds into your account by using any of the payment methods provided before you can place a bet. The currency to be used will be the Ghana Cedi. Funds deposited into your account will not accrue any interest. Such funds will only reflect in an individuals account upon actual receipt of the monies. Electronic payments shall be processed by third party systems and you authorize Cedibet to use such third-party systems and agree we may give instructions on your behalf.

  • Minimum deposit amount: GHS 1
  • Maximum deposit amount: NA

You can request withdrawals anytime from your account and Cedibet reserve the right to pay requested withdrawal via the payment method used when depositing. Acceptance of withdrawals shall be subject to any deposit method restrictions, bonus restrictions and betting volume. All withdrawals shall be subject to transaction limits set by third party providers . Payments shall be made as soon as reasonably possible barring any suspicions of fraudulent activities and security review .


9.1 Cedibet does not bear responsibility for any losses or damages incurred as result from the use of this site or from its content. Note that , site contents are not meant to be a source of financial advice whatsoever .

9.2 Cedibet reserve the right to add to, suspend, modify or remove any service as we deem fit without prior notice . We will not be liable for any such action

9.3 We reserve the right to suspend your use of certain events/ games on our website from time to time without prior notice

9.4 The use of our services is for t he personal use of the account holder only. You shall not allow others to use your account or use it for commercial purposes.

9.5 Loading photos and videos from the website or its sub-sites is permitted only for private use. Publication, transmission or reproduction of this data for any purpose is strictly prohibited .

9.6 Cedibet monitors traffic of its website actively, and reserves the right to block access in cases of suspected automated betting(bots) , viruses, trojan horses, worms or any other malicious or technically harmful materials.


10.1 Users are required to bet only on their own behalf. We reserve the right to cancel or suspend the account and/or withhold the winnings of any user found to be participating in any form of collusion with one or more customers or engaging in other activities that we consider to constitute cheating.

10.2 Bet limits by sport events are set accordingly to the player’s account status, playing patterns and individual bet/events.


11.1 You can enter into betting transactions either on our site or through SMS .

11.2 Cedibet reserves the right to reject all, or part of any bet requested at its sole and absolute discretion. You place bets at your own risks.

11.3 Cedibet accepts bets on the outcome of events and games with deliberately unknown result.

11.4 The odds of the events /games selected are subject to changes only before the bets are placed but remain constant after bets are submitted.

11.5 Once a bet is placed it cannot be changed or cancelled by the user. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure the details of their bets are correct .

11.6 A bet is only valid if it’s accepted by the Cedibet servers and it's confirmed by us. A ll accepted bets are displayed in “Bet History” .

11.7 Should a disagreement arise, you and Cedibet agree that the Cedibet transaction log database will be the ultimate authority.

11.8 A user must report any technical failures or errors by sending an email or calling the customer helpline, failure to report an error or technical fault are not a reason for cancellation of an accepted bet

11.9 Bets will not be valid if there are insufficient funds in your account.


12.1 Winnings from resolved bets will be credited to the account of the individual.

12.2 Any funds mistakenly credited to an individual’s account will not be available for use thus transactions made with such monies will be deemed void . We reserve the rights to withdraw the relevant amount and in case the account holder withdraws the amount, he/she will be required to return it.

12.3 The maximum amount an individual can win on Cedibet is capped at GHS 15,000

12.4 We reserve the right to suspend /withhold the payment of winnings and/or declare bets void:

  1. in the event of the occurrence of an event outside our control. We will pay You any winnings as soon as reasonably practicable after the relevant event outside our control has ceased.
  2. if the integrity of the event/game has been called into question
  3. if the odds have been manipulated

12.5 The returns calculation available on the website/bet slip is for information purposes only, and all bets will be calculated using the stake/risk at the odds accepted. In multibet with a void selection(s) the figure will be reduced accordingly.


An event is considered interrupted if play was cut for an indispensable amount of playing time specified according to the rules of Cedibet. A game is considered cancelled if it doesn’t take place or is postponed indefinitely. In situations stated above, if it’s a multibet, the odd of that event will be resolved to 1 else if it’s a single bet the transaction will be cancelled, and the staked amount refunded.

made only when the match transfers to the field of an opponent state.


Bets placed after the start of an event, aside bets on Live Events, are considered invalid and are returnable. Any bet, live bets included, submitted after the results of the selected events is already known will be considered invalid and will be refunded


Cedibet will not be liable for any errors with respect to Your Account and calculations to any bet placed. Such errors may include mistakes in odds calculation, wrong pricing, incorrect calculation/payment of winnings and the continuous acceptance of bets on closed/suspended events. In the case of mistakes in odds calculation or wrong pricing, any bets placed will stand and be settled at the Cedibet revised price. We reserve the right to declare bets placed under the other Error conditions null and void. Funds that have already be paid out will be returned by the account holder.


We will contact and continuously send messages and promotional offers to individuals with dormant accounts till You instruct us to stop. However, we will also contact account holders periodically to offer promotional offers.


We may from time to time offer bonuses and promotional offers. Such bonuses and offers shall have additional terms and conditions. Individuals shall only enjoy the se benefits when the terms in the agreement are met and they shall only be used in relation to such services as may be specified when the bonus or offer was given . You shall not be entitled to withdraw a bonus amount.


In case You have any complaints, claims or disputes arising from the use of Cedibet, kindly call our customer service line or send an email to [email protected]. You can also send as a message on all our social media handles.